The 10 Commandments For Tree Workers

The attached article from the April 2014 edition of TCIA magazine and its title is obviously relevant to the season: The Ten Commandments for Tree Workers.

The irony between the article and the epic, biblical cinematic masterpiece, The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston is telling. In the movie, Moses is instructed by God to have his people follow The Ten Commandments, and thus be rewarded to an everlasting life in Heaven. In the TCIA article, written by John Ball, Ph.D., CTSP, by following his Ten Commandments for tree workers, one can be rewarded to a continued life here on earth (Lives saved)!
Either way, in life or in your career, the point is to adhere to strict guidelines and follow established practices to avoid inevitable dangers.

Read Original Article: The Ten Commandments for Tree Workers

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