Keep Your Landscaping Business Growing in the Off Season

For Landscape Contractors, if the sun is shining, you’re busy working! Spring and summer are definitely the busiest times for your business. Between routine lawn care and trimming and people looking to get their yards ready for upcoming BBQ’s and pool parties, landscape work is plentiful during warmer months.
However, just because fall and winter are your “off season” doesn’t mean, business has to halt. There are numerous opportunities to keep profits coming in, once the cold sets in.

Fall Cleanups Could Have Your Business Cleaning Up

While customers my not want to re-edge mulch beds or beautify their yards prior to winter, there are plenty of people who are either unable to rake their yards due to back pain, or simply don’t have the time. Here is a list of services you can provide to your clients in the fall months:

  • Clearing away leaves from yards
  • Trimming plants & shrubs preparing them for winter
  • Planting bulbs so that they will bloom in spring
  • Cleaning leaves out of gutters
  • Move and store lawn furniture & patio sets. Add these services onto a fall cleanup and advertise as a way for customers to fully prepare for winter.

Your Business Doesn’t Have to Grow Cold in Winter

Even though flowers are gone and the ground may be frozen, there are things every landscape business can do, to keep business consistent. Services you can offer your clients during the winter months include:

  • Putting up holiday decorations such as wreaths, sleighs, or potted evergreens
  • Snow removal from paths and walkways
  • Snow plowing of driveways
  • Offer to put up holiday lights
  • Hanging holiday lights can be dangerous if you’re dealing with high roofs and peaks. Offering to put up holiday lights and take them down once the holidays have past, may prove to be a service many customers would avail themselves of.

Colder Months are Hot for Planning and Advertising

During the colder fall and winter months, it’s wise to use some of your free time to plan your advertising for the remainder of the year and for the upcoming year. Remind your customers about all the different services your landscaping business can provide throughout the year. The slower months are also a great time to catch up on any billing you may have been behind on and to update your website and social sites if you have them.

McSweeney & Ricci understands the unique insurance and risk management needs of Landscape professionals, and are active members of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals (MLP). For more information on an insurance program to help grow your landscape business, contact us today.

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